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As successor to the local authorities formerly administering the Burghs of Gourock, Greenock and Port Glasgow, the Inverclyde Council holds the remaining common good of these burghs. There are statutory and common law constraints on how the common good may be administered by the Council.

The common good fund is a fund administered by the Council for the benefit of the people of Inverclyde and is utilised to provide financial support for a diverse range of local community activities. Support has been provided in the past for example to the 2011 Tall Ships event, the restoration of the SV Comet in Port Glasgow, the European Pipe Band Championship in Gourock, Christmas meal vouchers for older people, firework displays, festive lights and Remembrance Day services. The common good fund is reported to the Council's Policy & Strategy Committee.

The common good estate is the land and buildings forming part of the common good now in the ownership of the Council. In March 2011 the Council completed a review of its heritable property from which a Common Good Asset Register has been produced and which is available by clicking on the link above. This register is a live document and will be periodically updated to reflect firstly any permitted sales by the Council, and secondly the identification of any further land and property as being in Council ownership and part of the common good. Enquiries regarding this register should be directed to the Council’s Legal and Property Services.

In terms of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 where the Council is considering disposing of common good property (for example gifting, selling or leasing it) or chaning the use of common good property, then the council must publicise the proposal, notify relevant community bodies and invite representations from the community on the proposal. See the link above for details on any proposals currently under consdsideration.

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