Completed Consultation on Proposed Lease of Land at Caddlehill Street, Greenock

This consultation closed on 6 December 2021 but the information on this page is retained for reference purposes.

On the 16th June 2022, following consideration of a the response to both this and the previous consultations regarding the proposed use the site, the Environment and Regeneration Committee agreed to a lease of this land to the Caddlehill Community Green Space. The lease terms will be: - for use be as a community garden; for a period of 5 years, with a mutual option to terminate after 2 years; and for a discounted ground rent.

The Council is considering what the land at Caddlehill Street, Greenock (the Property) can be used for in the future and the Council is keen to hear the views and comment of the community on this quesiton. The Property forms part of the common good and the Council has previously consulted on poposed uses of the same.

A proposal currently under consideration is the lease proposal detailed below, and the purpose of this present consultation it to let the community to express views and comments on this proposal.

A plan showing the Property shaded in red can be downloaded from the documents section of this page.

One proposal that is actively being considered by the Council is the grant a lease of the Property to Caddlehill Green Space Community Group, and that on the following terms:

  • the start date has yet to be agreed;
  • the length of the lease has yet to be agreed, however a lease of between 5 and 25 years is anticipated; and
  • the Property will be used as a community garden for the residents of the surrounding area and to promote a safe, healthy environment, organically improve the habitat and provide an open space for community interaction;
  • for a discounted rent; and
  • on otherwise normal commercial full repairing and insuring terms.

There is more information on the group's proposals for the Property at the end of this page.

If, following consideration of any representations received in this consultation, the Council decides to proceed with the lease, it will be granted as soon as reasonably practicable.

Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed lease may do so by no later than 5pm on 6 December 2021 either by email to or in writing to:

The Interim Head of Legal Services,
Inverclyde Council,
Municipal Buildings,
Clyde Square,
PA15 1LX.

Individuals or organisations submitting comments should include their name, address and contact details in their response. Please note that the content of any representations made and the details of the party or parties making such representations will appear in a publically available report to the Council’s Environment and Regeneration Committee.

You can find out more about the common gooon the link shown in the related links section of this page. 

Caddlehill Green Space Community Group have provided the Council detail fof their proposals for use of the Property which is detailed in the the following paragraph. If you want any more information about the proposal please contact the Council’s Property Team on the details shown in the contacts section of this page.

Information provided by Caddlehill Green Space Community Group on their Proposals.

Statement of intent 

Caddlehill Green Space are a constituted group seeking to secure community responsibility of the unused land at Caddlehill Street (formally In-Work Enterprises Ltd) from Inverclyde Council on behalf of Caddlehill Street and the immediate surrounding area for use as a community garden. 

General Aims and Objectives 
• To facilitate an inclusive, community led decision making process regarding this space.
• To organically improve the habitat and usability of this space.
• To promote a safe, healthy environment within the space and provide opportunities for intergenerational connections, creative collaborations and the common good of the immediate surrounding community. 
• To secure funds to meet the future aims of this space as decided on by the committee via the local community.

Detailed Plans 

Year 1 
• Secure community responsibility from Inverclyde Council 
• Immediately make the site safe for public use 
• Set up dedicated working groups with delegated roles and responsibilities for the site eg, security, groundwork, planting, landscaping, creative events 
• Organically improve the habitat and usability by tidying, cutting back overgrowth and pruning, re-purposing existing structures, re-cycling where possible, encouraging existing planting to thrive, restoration of existing landscape and viable, organic growing spaces, 
• Establish a safe, open space for community interaction, relaxation and conversation to help improve the mental health of our neighbours, especially those with no outdoor space 
• Providing seating areas in the space 
• Establish new planting as the garden evolves and encourage re-wilding to enhance the Pollinator Corridor, supporting bees, other insects, birds and small wildlife, while promoting composting and habitat creation 
• Actively pursue funding for future development of the space as the community directs 
• Actively engage and connect with other local green spaces such as Broomhill Gardens, Bellville Gardens and Inverclyde Shed to share ideas, resources and best practise. 
• Encourage family interaction, international interaction and intergenerational interaction in the space.
• Encourage creative outdoor events to take place in the garden from within the local area in line with our vision for community engagement and good community mental health. 

Year 2 
• Secure funding for various community led projects regarding the space 
• Establish and encourage planting and growing areas 
• Encourage links with local Primary schools to use the garden as a storytelling area, outdoor nature education space, a sensory garden, a place for mindfulness and a much needed breathing space for teachers and children 
• Provide a ‘hub’ or indoor meeting place if desired by the local community 
• Establish a calendar of creative events 

Having initially created a safe and healthy space for the immediate community in and around Caddlehill Street, over time, we would hope that opportunities for this green space would continue to evolve as the community evolves with further collaboration, creativity and inclusion. 

We would require that Inverclyde Council inspect and ensure the safety of this site before we undertake any responsibility. We would also invite Inverclyde Council to give us assistance with pollarding of trees and cutting back of hedges which encroach from the surrounding area.