Gambling Provisional Statement Application

A person may apply for a Provisional Statement in respect of premises that he or she:-

  • Expects to be constructed
  • Expects to be altered
  • Expects to acquire a right to occupy

Developers may wish to apply for a Provisional Statement before they enter into a contract to buy or lease property or land.

Once the premises are constructed, altered or acquired, the holder of a Provisional Statement can apply for the necessary Premises Licence.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to send Notice of Applications to Responsible Authorities and arrange for an advert to be published in a local newspaper circulated where the premises are to be located and a Notice to be displayed at the premises.

The Act permits Provisional Statements to be granted for passenger vessels. Separate application forms are prescribed for vessels.

The list of Responsible Authorities, application forms and Notices are available to download on the Document Section of this page.