House in Multiple Occupation

If you rent a property which has three or more unrelated occupants and it is their main residence, the landlord will require a House in Multiple Occupation Licence.  This applies whether or not the landlord lives at the property.

Permission can only be given for a house to be used under multiple occupancy if:-

  • you are the owner of the house
  • you knowingly give permission for it to be occupied
  • the house is a house in multiple occupation

The following will be taken into consideration when deciding if the premises are suitable:-

  • the location, character and condition of the premises
  • the type of proposed activity/occupation
  • people who will live in the premises
  • the possibility of public nuisance
  • public order and safety

There are premises which are exempt from obtaining a licence e.g. Women’s Refuge.

House in Multiple Occupation is regulated by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006.  If in doubt, you should consult a Solicitor for independent legal advice prior to making an application.

The application form and fee list is available to download from the Documents Section of this page.  The completed application from must be lodged with the appropriate fee.