Short Term Lets

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The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Short-term Lets) Order 2022 came into force on 1 March 2022 to require short-term lets to be licensed. From 1 October 2022, new hosts and operators will require to have a licence and will not be permitted to take bookings or receive guests until they obtain a licence. In terms of the original legislation, hosts and operators who had already been using their property to provide short-term lets before 1 October 2022, had until 1 April 2023 to apply for a licence. However, on 7 December 2022 the Scottish Government announced a one-off 6 month extension, subject to the approval of Scottish Parliament. Therefore, if approved, existing hosts and operators will have until 1 October 2023 to apply for a licence. They will be able to operate in the meantime by continuing to advertise and promote their premises, take bookings and receive guests while their application is processed.

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