Taxi / Private Hire Car Licensed Vehicles

To operate a vehicle for hire of up to 8 passengers, you will require a Taxi Licence or Private Hire Car Licence.

A Taxi Licence permits you to pick up passengers from the street or taxi ranks.  A Private Hire Car Licence only permits you to collect pre-arranged hires.

After submitting your application, the vehicle will require to be tested at Pottery Street Testing Centre.  The Licensed Vehicle Inspection Manual outlines the test requirements and can be downloaded from the Documents Section of this Page.

Permission is required for operators to place advertisements on their vehicles and the form is also on the Documents Section of this Page together with other information, application form and Licence Conditions.

From 2 November 2020 Pottery Street Testing Centre will be accepting card payments.  This is voluntary at the moment, however, from January 2021 the office will not be able to accept cash payments.