Inverclyde Integration Joint Board

Last Meeting: 13 May 2024 14:00

Next Meeting: 24 June 2024 14:00

Summary of Remit

Inverclyde Integration Joint Board is made up of voting members, who are either Councillors of Inverclyde Council or non-executive Directors of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and non-voting members made up of persons nominated by the Council, the NHS Board, third sector bodies, users, carers and other key stakeholders. The Integration Joint Board is a separate legal entity from Inverclyde Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and has full autonomy and capacity to act on its own behalf. Health and Social Care functions have been delegated to the Integration Joint Board from the Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the Integration Joint Board is responsible for the planning and operational management of the services to which the delegated functions relate.

At its meeting on 10 May 2016, the Inverclyde Integration Joint Board agreed to adopt a Code of Conduct for all members. This has been approved by the Scottish Government and can be found on the documents section of this page.


Council Members

Name Role
Councillor Moran, Robert Chair – Voting Member
Councillor McCluskey, Martin Voting Member
Councillor Quinn, Lynne Voting Member
Councillor Reynolds, Sandra Voting Member
Councillor Brennan , Francesca Proxy
Councillor Cassidy, Paul Proxy
Councillor McKenzie, Drew Proxy
Councillor Robertson, Elizabeth Proxy

Non Council Members

Name Role
Cameron-Burns, Ann Voting Member
Cowan, Alan Vice Chair - Voting Member
Davis, Heather Non-Voting Member
Eardley, Gemma Non-Voting Member
Elliott, Charlene Non-Voting Member
Given, Craig Non-Voting Member
Gould, David Voting Member
Hinds, Jonathan Non-Voting Member
Jones, Dr Chris Non-Voting Member
MacDonald, Dr Hector Non-Voting Member
McCrone, Diana Non-Voting Member
McLachlan, Stevie Non-Voting Member
Metcalfe, Becky Voting Member
Moore, Laura Non-Voting Member
Rocks, Kate Non-Voting Member
Tait, Margaret Non-Voting Member

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