Councillor Quinn, Lynne

Councillor Lynne Quinn

Councillor Lynne Quinn

Surgery Details

Information to follow.

Outside Bodies

  • Accident Awareness Scotland – Road Safety Committee
  • APSE
  • Birkmyre Trust
  • Inverclyde Alliance Board
  • Inverclyde Integration Joint Board
  • National Association of Councillors

Contact information

3 Divert Road, Gourock, PA19 1DR
01475 712975
07768 616616
Additional Info:
You can also write to Councillors at Inverclyde Council, Municipal Buildings, Greenock PA15 1LY, or call the Council Offices on 01475 712727, 01475 712020 or 01475 712305.

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Committee Memberships

Committee Role
Audit Committee
Education and Communities Committee
General Purposes Board Vice-Chair
Health and Social Care Committee
Human Resources Appeals Board
Inverclyde Council
Inverclyde Integration Joint Board Voting Member
Inverclyde Integration Joint Board (IJB) Audit Committee Voting Member
Local Police & Fire Scrutiny Committee Vice-Chair
Local Police and Fire Scrutiny Sub-Committee

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