31 March 2009

Policy and Resources Committee


Committee: Policy and Resources Committee

Location: Council Chambers,
Municipal Buildings,
Clyde Square,
PA15 1LX

Date: 31 March 2009

Time: 15:00

Status: Occurred

Agenda Reports and Minutes

Title Size / Format
1 Rev Budget Period 10 207KB (PDF)
10 Treasury Management Strategy 164KB (PDF)
11 Audit Scotland Overview 3.1MB (PDF)
12 InForm 93KB (PDF)
13 Corporate Security Contract 27KB (PDF)
15 Clyde Valley Community Planning Partnership 38KB (PDF)
16 Provost's Ball 20KB (PDF)
17 Voluntary Severance Update Report 27KB (PDF)
2 General Fund Rev Budget 107KB (PDF)
20 Use of Powers Delegated to the Chief Executive 45KB (PDF)
21 Sports Pitches Action Plan Update 77KB (PDF)
3 Capital Prog 113KB (PDF)
4 Significant Trading Ops 128KB (PDF)
5 I&P Capital Programme 52KB (PDF)
6 Corporate Performance 144KB (PDF)
7 Imp & Perf Directorate Performance 196KB (PDF)
8 Regeneration & Resources Directorate Performance 79KB (PDF)
9 Modernisation and Efficiency Prog 72KB (PDF)
Agenda - P&R - 31-03-2009 22KB (PDF)
Minutes - P&R - 31 03 2009 40KB (PDF)
Supplementary Agenda - P&R - Item 18 165KB (PDF)

Private Papers

NOTE: There are private papers associated with this meeting. You can only view private papers when you are logged in and have the correct permissions to view them. If you feel you should have access to these papers please contact the Committee Clerks.

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