26 May 2009

Policy and Resources Committee


Committee: Policy and Resources Committee

Location: Council Chambers,
Municipal Buildings,
Clyde Square,
PA15 1LX

Date: 26 May 2009

Time: 15:00

Status: Occurred

Agenda Reports and Minutes

Title Size / Format
1. General Fund Revenue Budget 2009-10. 336KB (PDF)
10. Inverclyde SOA Interim Report and Qualitative Assessment 50KB (PDF)
11. Fairer Scotland Fund - Unallocated Funds 42KB (PDF)
12. Improvement and Performance Directorate Plan Report 698KB (PDF)
13. Regeneration and Resources Directorate Plan 2009-11 754KB (PDF)
14. Development of a Strategic Procurement Framework 2009-11 72KB (PDF)
15. Responding to the Economic Downturn - Action Plan 144KB (PDF)
16. BV2 Response to Consultation Report 558KB (PDF)
17. 2009-10 SPI's - Accounts Commission Directive 359KB (PDF)
18. Review of Elected Member Training and Development 46KB (PDF)
19. Health and Safety Risk Assessment Policy Review Report 525KB (PDF)
2. Capital Programme 2008 -11 86KB (PDF)
20. CDM Report 9.9MB (PDF)
21. Workforce Development Strategy Report 2.1MB (PDF)
22. Authority to advertise specific contracts on procurement scotland's national advertising portal8 56KB (PDF)
23. Outstanding Audit Actions -STO's 105KB (PDF)
24. Inverclyde Construction Plus 116KB (PDF)
3. Treasury Management Monitoring Report. 154KB (PDF)
4. Improvement and Performance Capital Programme Progress Report 267KB (PDF)
5. M&E Programme Progress Report 188KB (PDF)
6. Corporate Performance Report 416KB (PDF)
7. Improvement and Performance Directorate Performance Report 251KB (PDF)
8. Regeneration and Resourcess Perf Report 108KB (PDF)
9. PSIF Progress Report 71KB (PDF)
Agenda - P&R - 26-05-2009 33KB (PDF)
Minutes - P&R - 26 05 2009 52KB (PDF)

Private Papers

NOTE: There are private papers associated with this meeting. You can only view private papers when you are logged in and have the correct permissions to view them. If you feel you should have access to these papers please contact the Committee Clerks.

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