27 June 2022

Inverclyde Integration Joint Board


Committee: Inverclyde Integration Joint Board

Location: By videoconference only

Date: 27 June 2022

Time: 14:00

Status: Scheduled

Agenda Reports and Minutes

Title Size / Format
00 Calling Notice 139KB (PDF)
00a Supplemetary Agenda 95KB (PDF)
02 Minute of Meeting of Inverclyde Integration Joint Board of 21 March 2022 885KB (PDF)
03 Voting Membership of the Inverclyde Integration Joint Board and Inverclyde Integration Joint Board Audit Committee 99KB (PDF)
04 Inverclyde Integration Joint Board (IJB) and IJB Audit Committee - Proposed Dates of Future Meetings 248KB (PDF)
05 Rolling Action List 145KB (PDF)
06 2021/22 Draft Annual Accounts 1.3MB (PDF)
08 Proposed Use of IDEAS Project Surplus Funds 406KB (PDF)
09 Locality Planning Within Inverclyde 407KB (PDF)
10 Mental Health & Wellbing Service 2.4MB (PDF)
11 Inverclyde Learning Disability Community Hub 3.9MB (PDF)
12 The Promise 1.3MB (PDF)
13 Progress Update Clinical and Care Governance Strategy Workplan 2021-22 277KB (PDF)
14 Annual Report Clinical and Care Governance 2021-22 738KB (PDF)
15 Minute of Meeting of IIJB Audit Committee of 21 March 2022 664KB (PDF)
Complete PUBLIC Agenda 6.4MB (PDF)

Private Papers

NOTE: There are private papers associated with this meeting. You can only view private papers when you are logged in and have the correct permissions to view them. If you feel you should have access to these papers please contact the Committee Clerks.

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