09 August 2022

Policy and Resources Committee


Committee: Policy and Resources Committee

Location: Council Chambers,
Municipal Buildings,
Clyde Square,
PA15 1LX

Date: 09 August 2022

Time: 15:00

Status: Scheduled

Agenda Reports and Minutes

Title Size / Format
00 Calling Notice 159KB (PDF)
02 Revenue Budget Outturn 2021/22 239KB (PDF)
03 2021/22 Capital Programme Out-Turn & Impact of Material Shortages on the Delivery & Cost of the 2022/25 Capital Programme 306KB (PDF)
04 Treasury Management - Annual Report 2021/22 269KB (PDF)
05 Budget Strategy 2023/26 280KB (PDF)
06 Corporate Health and Safety Policy 1.6MB (PDF)
07 Inverclyde Council and Inverclyde Licensing Board Records Management Plan - Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 512KB (PDF)
08 Co-operative Councils Innovation Network 3.4MB (PDF)
09 Inverclyde Gaelic Language Plan Implementation Report 2021/22 382KB (PDF)
10 National Care Service (Scotland) Bill - Call for Views 181KB (PDF)
Complete PUBLIC Agenda 5.7MB (PDF)

Private Papers

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