Inverclyde Carers Set the Agenda for the next Five Years

Thursday 16 February 2017

A new strategy to meet the needs of Inverclyde’s carers for the next five years has been launched.

The Inverclyde Carers & Young Carers Strategy 2017-2022 sets out a commitment to work with carers around individual support, planning and service development.

The new strategy has been developed by Inverclyde Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP) and Inverclyde Carers Centre following extensive consultation with local carers and key stakeholders.

Councillor Joe McIlwee Chair of Inverclyde HSCP, said: “I’d like to thank all the many carers, old and young, who helped draw up this strategy. We couldn’t have done it without them. Nobody knows more about caring than the people actually doing it. That’s why our new strategy focuses on recognising carers as equal partners in care. We want to deliver flexible support that can adapt to the needs of individual carers.

 “Our aim is to transform services for carers and provide new and innovative ways of supporting the things that really matter to them. Not only do we want to address carers’ current needs, we have to plan for the future so that carers will be able to cope with an ever changing world.”

Councillor Vaughan Jones is Inverclyde Council’s Carers’ Champion. She said: “A carer can be someone of any age and from any background They have a right to a healthy, active and fulfilling life of their own so we are determined to work together to make sure this happens. They provide a vital role in supporting loved ones to live their lives but it is important they are not forgotten and we provide all of the support necessary where and when it is needed.”

The strategy reflects the needs of Inverclyde’s carers and sets out the priorities over the coming years. It recognises that carers have a right to a life outside caring and describes how they will be supported in important areas such as health, employment, education and wellbeing.

Carer, Gordon Taylor who looks after his elderly mother said: “After taking part in the carers’ consultation survey in the autumn of 2015, I joined the carers’ editorial group the following year and helped to shape the strategy. I’m pleased to see that the final document takes account of points carers raised and I think it will be a good benchmark for caring in Inverclyde.

“All too often carers feel side lined by professionals, but this strategy sets the record straight and makes it clear that we must be listened to. Carers’ voices are growing increasingly influential nationally as well as locally. This new strategy shows that our HSPC heard what carers had to say and recognises the vital contribution we make to our families and communities.”

Lorna McDonald, Carers’ Centre manager added: “Every day we see carers who need support with their caring role and don’t know where to turn, or what’s available to them. We now know the direction of travel for the next five years and what the plans for carers are. The strategy will help transform the lives of Inverclyde carers and support them to have a life outside caring.

“I am particularly pleased to see the importance the strategy places on young carers. It’s a group that is sometimes overlooked and it’s essential we remember these young people have different needs from adults. Young carers have a right to a childhood and adolescence. This document recognises that we need to deliver their services in a different way.”

Page last updated: 16 February 2017