Self-isolation support grants update

As of 1 May 2022, if someone tests positive for Covid-19 and are employed or self-employed and expect to lose income because they are not able to work they may be eligible for a Self-Isolation Support Grant of £225 to cover loss of earnings.

Changes to the national stay at home guidance restricts the grant to those who have tested positive for coronavirus on a PCR test or are the parent or primary carer of a child or adult who needs to self-isolate as a result of positive PCR test result and will experience a loss of earnings as a result of their requirement to stay at home.

Contacts are no longer eligible for assistance from 1 May 2022.

From this date, the grant award level is £225 to reflect the shorter stay at home requirements.

The Self-Isolation Support Grant is considered taxable income. Those in receipt of the grant will not pay National Insurance contributions on the payment.

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