Scottish Youth Parliament election 2023 paused

Announcement from the Scottish Youth Parliament that the 2023 election has been paused as a result of technical issues with the online voting system: 

Our SYP Board has temporarily paused the 2023 SYP election due to the disruption caused by technical issues on the Young Scot voting site. The technical issues have impacted voting activity only for those local authorities that were using the Young Scot site.

Following the SYP Board decision some local authorities and voluntary organisations not using the Young Scot site may have made the decision to continue election activity. If you are unsure, please refer to election co-ordinators in your local area or voluntary organisation for more information.

For those using the Young Scot site, the current election pause is temporary. Updates to the election process in your area will be communicated to you via our social media and election co-ordinators in your area or voluntary organsiations. Please keep checking our website and social media channels for further updates.