Inverclyde Leisure Indoor Bowling Club Upgrade


The petition was heard at and supported by the Petitions Committee at the meeting of 1 February 2018, the reports to and minutes of which can be seen by following this link.

Officers from Safer and Inclusive Communities will now bring a report to a future meeting of the Education and Communities Committee with proposals on the matter.


Sponsors Name: Mr ANGUS MUNRO

Start Date: 10/10/17

Close Date: 15/01/18


Inverclyde Leisure Indoor Bowling Club requires new lights/lighting and carpet. This can only be achieved by Inverclyde Leisure being afforded a long term lease to allow capitalisation of the assets etc over a longer period of time.

The bowling club has produced a Scottish Bowling Singles Champion (youngest ever) with approx 30 caps for Scotland and other younger members who have been capped for Scotland. As well as the normal competitive bowling, the club is very much a Community facility which provides facilities for disabled and blind bowlers. It is also a 'meeting place' for many senior citizens who play in the mornings and remain to meet with friends, but without this facility they would probably remain at home.

The Club has welcomed an increasing membership since we offered various pricing breaks to encourage more people to take up the sport at any level. A new carpet and new lighting, within an upgraded facility, allows the Club to attract more National, possibly International bowling tournaments.

The Club has tried previously with a submission to host a British Bowling Tournament, but lost out due to the deterioration in both the carpet and lighting. The Inverclyde community cannot afford to lose this club.

Thank you!

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Meeting Name: Petitions Committee

Meeting Venue: 2nd Floor Municipal Buildings, Clyde Square Greenock
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Meeting Date: 01/02/18

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 This petition will be consdered at the scheduled meeting fo the Petitions Committee at 3pm on the 1 February 2018