Livestream/WebCam Council Meetings

Rejected Reason:

Decisions of the Council or one of its Committees during the previous six month period;

Sponsors Name: Mr JB Houston


Following a canvas poll of Inverclyde Members of the public and in response to the Councils goal of transparency, I propose that Inverclyde Council follows the models set by Bury Council & other local authorities to introduce online broadcasting of Council & Committee meetings which members of the Public would ordinarily be invited and authorised to attend.

This would encourage accountability, accessibility and visibility of the Council working on behalf of constituents. It may also afford the Council the opportunity to fully embrace the technology and start conversations with both young voters and disabled voters as well as the general public who may not be able to attend frequent Committee and Council Meetings or would prefer to catch up on events via the Councils broadcasts.

We understand that (as per current guidelines and practice) there may be portions of meetings whereby the broadcasts would need to be paused from live transmission due to business or sensitive matters, however we see no reason that our Council cannot facilitate this relatively inexpensive facility and improve constituent - councillor communication outwith election campaigns.

So, Inverclyde Council, we the undersigned petition you today to install and administer live streaming broadcasts of all public meetings across the internet.

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