More provision in Inverclyde for new Bungalows housing in Inverclyde

Rejected Reason:

Firstly - the Petitions Committee cannot consider planning.


Secondly - beyond the planning element, your petition as drafted is beyone the Council's remit and areas of functional responsibility. Officers in Safer and Inclusive Communities do have ongoing dialogue with Registerd Social Landlords, both on housing need and planned housing provision, but the detail called for in your petition is beyond the scope of that dialogue. Should you wish to discuss this role further, please contact the petitions team, who will obtain the neccessary point of contact within the service for you.

Sponsors Name: Mr Brian Stewart


I believe there is a local shortage affordable of single level 1-3 bedroom bungalows availability in the area which are much desired by first time buyers and particularly retired where stairs accessibility can be a problem. Local planning officials should try and encourage provisions in future housing developments to incorporate some if their is a demand in the area. New bungalow housing would save householders energy costs being properly insulated as much of the current housing stock may be poorly insulated, damp and require lots of renovation to bring them up to standard and un-affordable for majority of the local population with property house bidding well over the valuation prices. Can the council clarify if they will in future suggest to both private/social housing associations and developers a potential growing need for these types of houses.

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