Port Glasgow Anniversary 2025

Sponsors Name: Mr Kevin Green

Start Date: 01/05/24

Close Date: 31/10/24

Days left: 98


This is a petition to ask the full council to recognise the up coming 250th anniversary of Port Glasgow becoming a Burgh in 1775. To ask the full council to agree that this is an important milestone, a time to pause and reflect on Port Glasgow's history, to celebrate its heritage and to reimagine a bright future for Port Glasgow. Port Glasgow 2025 wishes to engage council officers in taking forward our proposals to Regenerate, Celebrate & Grow Port Glasgow to its full potential, we wish the full council to direct council officers to assist within their remit and roles & to engage proactively with PG25. We attach supplementary information to give a wider overview of our plans. Our aim is build upon the success of our retail park, exploit our unrivalled transport links and natural features, and to make Port Glasgow more relevant to the 1.5 million people within 30 minutes of our doorstep.

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