Replace single use plastics with sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives

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Subject matter of the petition is not within the Council’s power and remit or functional areas of responsibility

Sponsors Name: Mr Stephen Henry


The Inverclyde environment is awash with single use plastics, bottles, fast food containers, polystyrene cups, plastic forks, carrier bags, the list goes on and is endless.

The damage caused is not just visual, there is a significant impact (farmers, tourism, local community) plus plastic waste washes into the river and kills sea life including birds

For further evidence, please check out:

It's time to take a stance on this - Inverclyde has the unique opportunity to be the first council in Scotland to ban single use plastics across all takeaway outlets and ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives are used (paper bags, wooden forks, paper or biodegradable cups and lids etc.)

The earth needs your help.

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