Review the Sale and Use of Fireworks in Inverclyde.

Rejected Reason:

Subject matter of the petition is not within the Council’s power and remit or functional areas of responsibility

Sponsors Name: Ms Kendal Paterson


Please join me in asking Inverclyde Council to ban the sale and use of fireworks which emit up to 120dB. (A rock band measures less at 110 decibels!) From late October until Bonfire night, there are instances of the malicious use of fireworks against the vulnerable in our towns, but it is the organised displays which create the barrage of noise which is distressing for animals and pets. It has been well documented in the media, with video of dogs in an extreme state of fear. I am asking the people of Inverclyde to sign this petition and help make this time of the year safer for us, and our pets. Thank you.

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