Applying for a Building Warrant

This page provides links to all the guidance notes and application forms needed when applying for a building warrant.

Application is made directly to the Council, however if it is proposed to repeat a building type or a construction detail in a number of locations throughout Scotland, an application may be made to Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) for a building type approval or for a registered detail. 

On receipt of a valid application an acknowledgement will be issued with a reference number and contact details.  Within 15 working days the Council aims to either issue your building warrant or write to you informing of changes, clarifications or additional information that are needed to allow a building warrant to be issued.

As part of your application there is the optional procedure that allows for certain design or construction work to be certified by qualified, experienced and reputable building professionals. Getting work certified in this way entitles you to a discount on the Building Warrant application fee and, in particular for design certification can help in speeding up assessment of the application.   

If you disagree with an interpretation of the Building Standards that the Council is adopting you may request an interpretation through Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) Dispute Resolution Process. To do this you should contact via the contact link on this page. Further information on this process is available via the link on this page labelled 'LABSS - Dispute Resolution Process'.

Once you have received your building warrant and any other permissions that may be required, you may start work. You should note that it is an offence to commence works prior to obtaining a Building Warrant.

For more information you may refer to the Building Standards Customer Journey in the documents column.

Inverclyde Council is currently working in partnership with Argyll and Bute Council. This means that if you submit a building warrant, the application forms, drawings and any other information submitted with your application may be shared with a case officer from Argyll and Bute Council, who will be assessing the building warrant on behalf of Inverclyde Council.

Once the warrant submission is accepted as being compliant with the Building Standards all documentation will be returned to Inverclyde Council, which will issue the warrant.

Inverclyde Council will then handle the remainder of the building warrant process and all follow up work, including site inspections and acceptance of the completion certificate, will be conducted and considered by Building Standards Officers from Inverclyde Council.


The Scottish Government has set a target of 75% of each key building warrant related process being done electronically. If you apply for a building warrant online, by using the eBuilding Standards Scotland link on this page, you can help us to meet this target. This will also save you printing and delivery costs!