Contacting the Building Standards Team

Advice on your application

General advice is available over the telephone and at the Customer Services Centre in Clyde Square, Greenock on Monday to Thursday between 8.45am and 4.30pm and on Friday between 8.45am and 3.45pm. If you have a query regarding a specific application or building, you should make an appointment with the area officer or telephone (pm only) to discuss the matter.

Gourock, Greenock, Inverkip and Wemyss Bay:
Graeme Arthur (01475 712428). 

Port Glasgow, Kilmacolm and Quarrier's Village:
James Wilkie (01475 712494).

You may also write to us at Building Standards, Regeneration and Planning, Municipal Buildings, Greenock PA15 1LY, and e-mail to:

Nicholas McLaren is the Development and Building Standards Manager and he may be contacted on 01475 712420.                       

Site Inspections

Since October 2012 all building warrant approvals have received a Construction Notification Plan, and the Building Standards team should be contacted at the building stages specified in the Plan. In the case of building warrants issued before October 2012 you should notify us at the following stages:

  • Site Commencement.
  • When you are ready to undertake open and closed drain tests.
  • When the building is complete.

To assist you should also advise when the following stages are reached:

  • Prior to casting foundations.
  • Prior to applying finishes to the structural frame.
  • Any further stages requested by the case officer.

Site inspections may be arranged as follows:

  • Graeme Arthur: Tuesday and Thursday
  • James Wilkie: Monday and Wednesday.

Dangerous Buildings

To report a dangerous building when the office is closed, please call 01475 719999.

Page last updated: 1 April 2019