Public Bodies Duties Climate Change Reporting

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act places a duty on Public Sector Bodies to take action to contribute to achieving Scotland’s climate change targets. In addition, Public Sector Bodies must report annually to the Scottish Government on their greenhouse gas emissions and action to tackle climate change. Action includes reducing emissions and adapting to current and future climate change.

Inverclyde Council has set a ‘baseline’ year for reporting on its greenhouse gas emissions to the Scottish Government of financial year 2012/13. Since the baseline year, it has reduced emissions by over 46%. This includes a reduction in electricity use of over 30%, a reduction in gas use of 20% and a reduction in fuel use from its transport fleet of over 19%. Inverclyde Council has also installed renewable energy in the forms of a wood pellet heating system and solar panels that generate electricity at it schools. 

In terms of adapting to climate change, Inverclyde Council is a member of the ‘Climate Ready Clyde’ initiative, which aims to achieve climate resilience for the Glasgow City Region. It is also included in in the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's Flood Risk Management Strategy for the Clyde and Loch Lomond area and a member of the West of Scotland Regional Resilience Partnership. Inverclyde Council communicates, through a variety of media, advice to its staff, residents and local businesses on how to prepare and respond to disruptive weather, in particular during winter.

The most recent Public Bodies Duties Report for Inverclyde Council can be downloaded from this page, and there is also a link to view reports for the whole of the public sector in Scotland.