Reducing carbon emissions from transport

The Scottish Government is committed to having near zero carbon emissions from road transport through changing from petrol/diesel fueled vehicles to electric vehicles.  

Below are some tips on how you could reduce your carbon footprint from transport:

  • Do not use the car for short journeys.  Walking instead will not only reduce carbon but is healthier and will save money.
  • Take up cycling as an alternative way to commute to work and generally get around.  It’s fun and healthy.
  • Use public transport such as buses and trains rather than using the car for all journeys.
  • If you and your colleagues need to drive to work, could you car-share?  This would mean fewer cars on the road and you can share fuel costs.  Look out for any car-sharing schemes in your workplace.
  • Efficient driving can save fuel and reduce carbon – see External Links on this page.
  • Consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle which will both reduce emissions and could save you money in terms of fuel costs in the long run.  See External Links on this page.
  • Avoid flying for journeys within the UK.  Booking buses or trains in advance can be as cheap and they leave and arrive in town and city centres rather than airports miles outside.

Rather than flying abroad for holidays every year, consider holidaying in the UK.  There are lots of great places to visit and it helps the UK economy.