How Can I View Planning Applications?

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Viewing plans

Neighbour notification and newspaper notices will not be issued until a valid planning application has been registered. The Council makes the application forms, all submitted plans and all documentation submitted by the applicant in support of the application available to the public for the time period between registration of the application and the decision being issued. This information will be available to view at the Municipal Buildings, Clyde Square, Greenock, and by following the Inverclyde Planning Online link on this page.

If you wish to have to plans explained or to discuss the application please contact the case officer for either a telephone discussion or a meeting. Please note that officers are frequently out visiting application sites, so if you wish to visit the office and speak to the case officer an appointment is advised.

Once a decision has been made the application form and plans will be no longer be available online, however an application report explaining the decision is produced and can be viewed by following the link on this page. Application forms and plans remain at all times part of the Planning Register. These may be inspected at the Municipal Buildings, Clyde Square, Greenock.

Please note there is a £45.50 fee for the search and retrieval of any file.
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