Planning Application Procedures

As part of the planning process, the Council is obliged to adopt and publish a scheme of delegation. The scheme of delegation authorises officials to determine specified types of minor planning applications without referral to the Council’s Planning Board. Any application, which under the scheme of delegation is refused or has conditions imposed which the applicant deems unreasonable, may be reviewed at the request of the applicant by the Local Review Body. The Local Review Body, which consists of elected Inverclyde Councillors, may vary or reverse the decision made by officers under the scheme of delegation. You may contact the LRB at (details are in the contacts section of this page).

Links on this page provide detail of the Scheme of Delegation and the Council’s Development Management Charter, which explains in detail the various planning application procedures relating to:

  • National, major and local developments
  • Pre-application consultation requirements for major developments
  • Neighbour notification
  • How to comment on an application
  • Who makes the decision on a planning application
  • Appealing planning application decisions

If you are in any doubt or require any explanation on interpretation of the procedures, then please do not hesitate to contact the Development Management Team. In addition, Planning Aid for Scotland (PAS) is an independent organisation which offers a free and impartial planning helpline (0845 603 7602) subject to eligibility. Advice is provided by volunteers, all of whom are qualified planners. PAS also offers a series of planning information sheets online.