Adopted Inverclyde Local Development Plan

On the 29th August 2014, the Council adopted the Inverclyde Local Development Plan (LDP).

LDP 2014

The Local Development Plan sets out the Council’s strategy, policies and proposals for the use of land and buildings within Inverclyde, and, together with the Clydeplan Strategic Development Plan, is the document the Council uses to determine planning applications and provide advice on development proposals.

The Local Development Plan comprises a Written Statement and Proposals Maps, which are available to view/download from the links on this page.

Local Development Plan Process

The Main Issues Report associated with the 2014 Local Development Plan was published in May 2011. This was followed by the publication of the Proposed Local Development Plan in May 2013. The Proposed Plan was submitted to the Scottish Ministers for Examination in November 2013. The Examination Report was received by the Council on 11 June 2014, and is available to view/download from the links on this page. Thereafter, the Local Development Plan was adopted on 29 August 2014.

The Local Development Plan was subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment, Habitats Regulations Appraisal and Equality Impact Assessment. Documents associated with these processes are available to view/download from this page.

Also available to view/download is a list of background reports which provides a convenient record of reports which accompanied and supported the Local development Plan process.

Supplementary Guidance and Planning Guidance

Supplementary Guidance, which forms part of Development Plan, has been prepared in respect of:

  • Enabling Development
  • The Green Network
  • Local Development Frameworks
  • Affordable Housing Provision
  • Planning Application Advice Notes
  • Renewable Energy

Non-statutory Planning Guidance has been prepared in respect of Developer Contributions.

These documents and associated Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Reports and Habitats Regulations Appraisals are available to view/download from this page.

Action Programme

The Local Development Plan is accompanied with an Action Programme which sets out how the Council proposes to implement the Local Development Programme. The Action Programme was last updated in November 2016 and is available to view/download from this page.

Page last updated: 22 March 2019