Consultation on Proposed Sale of Land at Wateryetts Drive, Kilmacolm (Closed)

Inverclyde Council (“the Council”) is proposing to dispose of an area of land at Wateryetts Drive, Kilmacolm (“the Land”) to MacTaggart & Mickel Homes Limited (“the Developer”) in connection with their proposed development of private and affordable housing (“the Development”) on a larger site adjacent to the Land.

The Council required to consult on this proposed disposal in terms of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1959 S.27 (2A) (as amended) as the Land is a public open space, and published notice to this effect in local newspapers.

The Developer’s proposal is that part of the Land be used to form an access road to the Development, and that a community orchard (or similar) with relaxation space be formed on the remainder of the Land.

Planning permission in principle has been granted for the Development, in terPublishing N ms of which should the Development proceed:

  • 25% of the on-site accommodation will be affordable housing; and
  • there will be a developer contribution towards off-site works to improve the walking and cycling environment in Kilmacolm.

Details of the full development proposal in the planning permission can be found on the Council’s planning portal, reference number 20/0245/IC or by following the link shown in the Related links section of this page.

A plan showing the Land shaded pink and a copy of the formal notice can both be downloaded from the link in the Documents section of this page. 

This consultation was open for objections and representations by no later than Tuesday 17 October 2023, and so has now closed. There will be a report in due course to a future meeting of the Council’s Environment and Regeneration Committee on the outcome of the consultaiton.

If you want more information on the proposed sale or the proposed development, or if you have any difficulty accessing the information or downloads on this page, please contact the Property Assets Team on the details shown in the Contacts section of this page.