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Recently closed - Gourock Parking Consultation 2019

We are looking for your views on whether ‘parking discs’ should be removed from Gourock town centre.

Parking discs are used by drivers to show what time they arrived in a parking space in what’s known as the ‘disc zone’. It has been suggested that the parking discs are not working in Gourock and they should be removed. Councillors have discussed this and are keen to hear the views of the community whether you are a resident or a visitor.

Removing the discs would mean that streets such as Kempock Street and Kempock Place would still have the same one hour limit and Lower Kempock Street would keep its three hour limit. It would just mean you wouldn’t need to display a disc with the time you parked on it. Even without displaying the disc, drivers who overstayed the limit could still receive a penalty charge notice.

You can let us know by completing our online survey. Please use the external link on the left hand side of this page.  

CLOSED: Sunday 21 July 2019          




Inverclyde Council consultations
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Closing date

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West Blackhall Street evening consultation event, May 2019 CLOSED

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