The Young Person's Guarantee (YPG)

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If you are a young person aged 16 – 24 years and are not in education, training or employment and want to find out what opportunities are available to you, please contact Inverclyde Community Development Trust (The Trust) on 01475 553333 e-mail and register for their Employability services.

The Guarantee is about connecting young people to appropriate opportunities.  All unemployed 16 – 24 year olds in Scotland will be given the opportunity to access support to help them into work, to go to university or college, to take up an apprenticeship, take part in training or work experience, or take part in a formal volunteering programme.

The Guarantee is not a new programme, but it provides additional investment to build on successful activity happening locally and nationally.  The Youth Guarantee is the over-arching pledge that will sit above all programmes for young people, and many organisations, including Local Authorities, will play their part in helping to make it a reality.

Organisations delivering local activity under YPG include WCS ( ), SDS ( ), Developing the Young Workforce ( ).  Please also refer to the links on the right.

Enquiries regarding how Inverclyde Council is supporting YPG should be sent to: .