Comics plus is now available from Inverclyde Libraries.

Thousands of Comics, Graphic Novels and Manga you can read in your browser or read offline using the Android and iOS app.

To access this, you just need an Inverclyde Libraries membership!

To sign up for the service and have a browse, visit the link in the Other Websites section of the page.

Alternatively, grab the Library Pass app from the Apple and Google Play App stores.
Please note that, just like the physical library, not all titles are suitable for all ages.
We recommend parental supervision when selecting titles to read.


The titles are split into age ranges:

Ages 5-7 (Children), Ages 8-10 (Kids), Ages 11-14 (Teen), Ages 15-18 (Young Adult), 18+ (Adult)

There is no way to filter the content by age in the app – so if you wish to do so, please log in to the website on your device or computer.
You can then browse by age and add the title to your account, and it will appear in My Shelf in the app.

For more information on the age guidelines for specific titles, please see the link in the Other Websites section.
There are two links to the website - one for all content and one for up to age 10.