Community Food Growing Strategy

Community Food Growing in Inverclyde

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 (Section 119) places a duty on every local authority to prepare a food-growing strategy. Over the past 18 months, Inverclyde Council its community planning partners and a number of community food growing groups have met to prepare a strategy that will highlight the opportunities for food growing in Inverclyde. 

How are we supporting individuals and communities in Inverclyde to grow your own food?

The community food growing strategy explains how Inverclyde Council and its community planning partners will support community growing across Inverclyde

The strategy identifies land that could be used for community growing, explains the permissions groups must get and how they can go about obtaining these, existing food growing opportunities across Inverclyde and of support available to both aspiring and experienced community growers.

Over the forthcoming months more information will be added to this page to show the opportunities available for food growing across Inverclyde.

Inverclyde Community Food Growing Srategy

At the March 2023 Inverclyde Aliance Board the Community Food Growing Strategy was approved. The strategy outlines the vision for food growing in Inverclyde, which is to increase opportunities for communities to grow their own food and contribute towards a reduction in food poverty. This vision will be achieved by:

  • Building capacity within communities to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to take part in food growing;
  • Creating strong partnership working between communities, the Council and housing associations;
  • Ensuring communities have the resources they need to be able to take part in food growing;
  • Contributing towards a reduction in poverty through strong partnership working

The strategy can be found in the Documents section. 


If you are looking to get involved with food growing please contact us using no prior experience of food growing is required.