Inverclyde Partnership Plan 2023/33

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 placed a legal duty on community planning partners to demonstrate that they are making a significant difference to the lives of their residents through the planning and delivery of local outcomes and the involvement of community bodies at all stages of community planning.

The previous Inverclyde Outcomes Improvement Plan ran from 2017 to 2022, with an extension to 2023. There has been significant development work to prepare the new Partnership Plan 2023/33.

The Inverclyde Outcomes Improvement Plan 2017/23

The Inverclyde Outcomes Improvement Plan 2017/23 set out the outcomes that the community planning partners in Inverclyde, known as the Inverclyde Alliance, would seek to improve. The Plan did not cover everything that was being delivered in Inverclyde, but focussed on three key priority areas: Repopulation; Reducing Inequalities; and Environment, Culture and Heritage.

You can find the Inverclyde Alliance Outcomes Improvement Plan in the documents section on this page along with the other related documents.

Inverclyde Partnership Plan 2023/33

The Partnership Plan is a commitment by Inverclyde Alliance partners to work together towards shared aims, with a focus on tackling inequalities and the added value of partnership working.The Inverclyde Alliance Partnership Plan was agreed on 13th March 2023.

The 2023-33 Partnership Plan for Inverclyde Alliance has a vision of Success For All – Getting It Right for Every Child, Citizen and Community and will focus on the themes of Empowered People, Working People, Healthy People and Places, A Supportive Place, and a Thriving Place.

The development process for the new Partnership Plan included:

  • A strategic needs assessment;
  • Public consultation;
  • Engagement with Inverclyde Elected Members;
  • Consideration of statutory requirements and guidance;
  • Discussion with Alliance partners; and
  • Research on best practice

The new Partnership Plan along with the related development documents can be found in the section to the right.