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Who is a carer?

A carer is anyone who looks after another individual, including a neighbour, friend, partner or child with a long term condition / illness or disability on an unpaid basis. This caring role can range from a few hours a week to 24 hours per day.  The tasks undertaken by carers can range from practical assistance like shopping and housework, to tasks of a personal nature such as assisting with personal care or taking medication.

Carers can be of any age - some carers can be as young as 8, and some are well into their 80s - and can come from all different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and of any sexual orientation. Some carers have a disability or health condition themselves.

Many people do not recognise themselves as carers and are not aware of the support available to them.  As part of our commitment to carers, the HSCP has signed up to the Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) principles. Staff throughout the HSCP are being briefed on the importance of identifying carers and recognising them as Equal Partners in Care.  In addition staff are being asked to signpost carers to the Carers Centre to access supports and promote the need for carers to complete a Self Assessment.

Support for Carers

All carers are encouraged to go through a self-assessment before arranging an appointment at the Carers Centre.

This self assessment enables a carer to identify what would make a difference to their lives and their caring role, and what outcomes they hope to achieve.  Once completed the carer should forward the Self-Assessment questionnaire on to the Carers Centre. Staff at the Centre will then contact the carer and assist the carer to access a range of community based supports to improve the quality of their lives.

Inverclyde Carers Centre provides a range of information and support for carers in Inverclyde funded mainly by the HSCP. Carers can access services and support which will benefit them on a personal level;  including access to emotional support such as stress management and counselling, short breaks with or without the cared for person, drama classes, peer support groups and training courses.

Inverclyde HSCP works closely with Inverclyde Carers Council, a voluntary organisation consisting of carers and former carers representing carers throughout the area. Inverclyde Carers Centre Ltd is a partner organisation, commissioned to deliver advice information and support for carers, as well as arranging short breaks, stress management, counselling and support groups for carers in a variety of caring situations.

Carers and Self Directed Support

Carers are now entitled to access Self Directed Support (SDS) in their own right. This takes the form of a full Carer Assessment known as the Carer Support Plan, which enables carers to access support to meet their own needs, independently of the needs of the person they are caring for.



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