Specialist Community Paediatric Nursing

The Specialist Community Paediatric Nursing team within Skylark provides holistic family centred care and support for the children and young person aged 0-19 years.

Care is delivered when a child or young person require assistance, when a child or young person has a nursing care need or when a primary carer requires support with nursing care with respect to the child or young person.  The care can then be provided in a variety of areas, including educational settings nursery or within the child or young persons home.

Specialist Children's Nurses work with children or young people

  • who have:
    • Acute and short term conditions
    • Long term conditions
    • Complex and exceptional conditions, including those requiring continuing care
    • Life limiting and life threatening illnesses, including those requiring palliative and end of life care
    • Neuro-disability
  • or require
    • Health Assessment as part of CMA or LAC process

The Specialist Community Paediatric Nursing service are provided as part of the Disability or Vulnerability Pathway or as uni-professional staged care journey.