Speech & Language Therapy

The Speech & Language Therapy Service provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children with communication and language difficulties. 

Within Inverclyde our Speech & Language Therapists work in health centres, nurseries, schools and homes.

The Speech & Language Therapists offer training, advice and guidance for parents, carers, guardians, staff and other professionals as required.

We operate an open referral system.

Speech & Language Therapy are also part of a variety of ongoing multi-disciplinary teams and projects in our area e.g.:

  • Weaning Fayres
  • Neonatal Neurodevelopmental Clinic
  • NAS Earlybird and Earlybird+ Programmes
  • ASD Diagnostic Service

Speech & Language Therapy can help those with difficulties in the following areas;

  • Early communication skills and play
  • Listening and attention skills
  • Understanding of language
  • Spoken language – speech, grammar and fluency
  • Stammering
  • Feeding and Swallowing difficulties
  • Social Interaction difficulties (including Autism Spectrum Disorder)