Paediatric Occupational Therapy service

The core purpose of the Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service is to empower and enable children, young people and their families to live their lives as independently and easily as possible.  We collaborate with the individual, their family and the wider team around the child to identify their strengths and explore how they can overcome their challenges to achieve their full potential.  

As Occupational Therapists we are trained to use a holistic approach that enables us to analyse the physical, psychological, social, and emotional barriers that impact on the child’s ability to participate in self-care, play and education.  Keeping the child’s wishes at the centre of the decision making process we facilitate them, and those around them, to set meaningful goals to address these functional difficulties.

We enable the child to gain and maintain life skills through the use of meaningful graded activities, and empower their carers and professionals working with them to find alternative/adaptive ways of maximising the child’s involvement in daily life; thus breaking through the barriers that prevent participation.