How to apply for a job

You can choose any of the methods below to apply for a job with us.


All our vacancies are advertised on the MyJobScotland recruitment portal which you can access by clicking on the Inverclyde Recruitment Portal link. You complete the application electronically and this is submitted to the Council for processing. If you do not have access to a computer or the internet you can visit any of our libraries to use the public computers to apply online. Library staff can assist you to get access to the site.

This application method should be used in preference to the ones below.

Other ways to apply

If you are disabled or do not have access to a computer you can telephone HR on 01475 712740 to request an application pack . You can collect this at our Customer Service Centre or we can send one to you in the post. You can then complete and return it by hand or by post.

The content of an application pack duplicates the electronic documents you require to complete your application.

If you complete the application form by hand please ensure you use black ink so that the form can be photocopied. Do not attach a CV or work history instead of completing the relevant sections of the form as incomplete forms cannot be considered.

If you are sending your application to us by post, please ensure you have checked for the correct postage as late applications cannot be considered.

Application Packs in Larger Print, Braille or CD

Application packs in larger print, Braille or CD are available for the visually impaired on request from the HR Recruitment Team. If you are sending your application on CD format please ensure that you follow the order of the sections on the application form.

Additional Support

Disability Employment Advisers (DEAs) are based in Jobcentres and provided specialist support on employment and training issues for people with disabilities. They will support your work coach as they work with you or can work with you themselves on a 1-2-1 basis.

If you need to be referred to a specialist programme which is designed to help disabled people who want to find jobs or stay in work, you will be referred by your work coach with support from the DEA if required. The two main programmes available are; Fair Start Scotland and Access to Work. Fair Start Scotland is a voluntary DWP programme which helps people with more complex issues find work and stay in a job. Access to Work provides advice and practical support to help you and your employer overcome difficulties caused by a disability or health condition. This might include specialist equipment, a job coach for someone starting work or fares to work for people who cannot use public transport. Access to Work can help you if you are already in work or just starting a new job.

Contact Information

Telephone: 01475 712740

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