Policies and Procedures

The policies and guidance documents which can be downloaded on this page represent the key ones which are most likely to be relevant to your employment with the Council. They detail how the Council works and will be useful information to help you prepare for any interviews and make a decision about whether we are an organisation you would want to work for.

All of the policies and procedures detailed below are linked on this page. Below is a description of each:

Acceptable Use of Information Systems Policy

This policy applies to all Council employees and elected members and covers the use of the internet and email, as well as equipment security and working from home on Council business.

Code of Practice on Teacher Competence

The Code of Practice on Teacher Competence provides the definition of competence in terms of the Standard for Full Registration (SFFR) and explains the steps in the process for dealing with cases of short-lived under-performance and long-running under-performance.

Conditions of Service

This document provides guidance to Scottish Joint Council employees on the implementation of a range of local government terms and conditions of service drawn from relevant national agreements.

Data Matching Statement

This document details how we share information provided to other bodies to prevent fraud.

Dignity & Respect at Work Policy and Procedure

This policy and procedure applies to all employees, elected members, external agencies, partners and contractors who work in partnership with the Council. It provides information on expected values and behaviours, responsibilities, behaviours that are not acceptable, and a fair method for raising and investigating complaints.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

This policy and procedure covers all employees and helps ensure that standards are adhered to and provide a fair method of dealing with alleged failures to observe them.

E-Learning Guidelines

This document describes how to log in to and navigate the Invercldye Learns e-learning platform. This document is currently in the process of being updated to reflect the new e-learning platform.

Employee Code of Conduct

This document lays down specific requirements for employees of Inverclyde Council.

Family Friendly 

The policy is for all employee of Inverclyde Council and provides a range of family friendly benefits to both parents and carers.

Flexible Working 

This policy sets out the options of flexible working options open to Inverclyde Council employees. 

Grievance Policy and Appeals policy

The policy aims to provide a consistent and fair mechanism for employees of Inverclyde Council to raising concerns and seeking resolution to these quickly and effectively. The Appeals procedure details what would happen in the event of an appeal.

Health and Safety Policy

This policy represents the continuing commitment by Inverclyde Council to improve standards of health and safety throughout its operation.

Information Sharing Protocol

This Protocol describes Inverclyde Council’s policy and procedures in relation to the sharing of information and data within Council functions and among the Council and its partner organisations.

Inverclyde Learns E-Learning Platform - Terms of Use

This Terms of Use document should be read and accepted when using the Inverclyde Learns E-Learning Platform.

Job Evaluation: Existing & New Posts

These procedures seek to provide managers with guidance on what steps to follow when looking to change the grade of an existing post and when creating a new job.

Let's Talk - a Positive Conversation Guidance

This document outlines the employee performance and development process at Inverclyde Council.

Pension and Retirement Policy & Procedure

These documents provide a common framework for dealing with responsibilities relating to pension and retirement.

Policy for Retention and Disposal of Documents and Records, Paper and Electronic

This acts as a guide to assist Services throughout the Council to create good records and implement good records management practices of all records created, used and retained by Services in whatever format, including records held in electronic form.

Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults

This document details the statutory requirement for Inverclyde Council to protect children and vulnerable adults.

Records Management Policy

Records management is the adoption of procedures and systems that allow the most efficient control of the information resources of the Council.

Recruitment and Selection Complaints Procedure

The Procedure detailed here is designed to complement the guidelines on recruitment and selection that are detailed in the Council’s Recruitment and Selection Policy.

Recruitment and Selection Policy

This policy sets out the basic principles which must be taken into consideration to enable the Council to achieve a corporate and consistent approach in the critical area of recruitment and selection and to comply with employment legislation and associated codes of practice.

Reservists Policy

This policy intends to define our obligations towards all employees who are members of the Reserve Forces.