Gambling Premises Licence Application

An individual or company may apply for the grant of a Gambling Premises Licence.  Premises Licences may only be issued to persons with a relevant Operating Licence issued by the Gambling Commission.

Gambling Premises Licence may be of the following type:-

  • Betting Premises, including tracks
  • Bingo Premises
  • Casino Premises
  • Adult Gaming Centres
  • Family Entertainment Centres

It is the responsibility of the applicant to send Notice of Applications to Responsible Authorities and arrange for an advert to be published in a local newspaper circulated where the premises are to be located and a Notice to be displayed at the premises.

The Act permits Premises Licences to be granted for passenger vessels.  Separate application forms are prescribed for vessels.

The list of Responsible Authorities, application forms and Notices are available to download on the Document Section of this page.