Audit Committee

Last Meeting: 08 July 2021 15:00

Summary of Committee Remit

To carry out the audit function in reviewing the Council's activities and functions and to oversee the Council’s relationship with the following agencies: 

  • Audit Scotland 
  • The Accounts Commission

For further details of the Committee’s remit, please refer to the Scheme of Administration.

Quorum: 6

Council Members

Name Role
Councillor Rebecchi, Luciano Convener
Councillor McVey, Tommy Vice-Convener
Councillor Brennan, Martin
Councillor Brooks, Graeme
Councillor Curley, Christopher
Councillor McCabe, Stephen
Councillor McCormick, Michael
Councillor McEleny, Jim
Councillor Murphy, Natasha
Councillor Nelson, Innes
Councillor Quinn, Lynne

Non Council Members

There are no members yet

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