19 June 2012

Policy and Resources Committee


Committee: Policy and Resources Committee

Location: Council Chambers,
Municipal Buildings,
Clyde Square,
PA15 1LX

Date: 19 June 2012

Time: 15:00

Status: Occurred

Agenda Reports and Minutes

Title Size / Format
agenda 493KB (PDF)
supplementary agenda 223KB (PDF)
02 Policy & Resources Capital Programme - (2012/13 - 14/15) - Progress Report 317KB (PDF)
03 Capital Programme 2012/15 580KB (PDF)
04 General Fund Revenue Budget 2012/13 2.5MB (PDF)
05 Procurement - Update 76KB (PDF)
06 Policy & Resources Performance Report 169KB (PDF)
07 Using Cost Information to Improve Performance - Audit Scotland Report 13.3MB (PDF)
08 Benefits Service - Audit Scotland Risk Assessment 6.5MB (PDF)
09 Welfare Reform - Impacts on Inverclyde Council 489KB (PDF)
10 Customer Services Update 219KB (PDF)
11 Inverclyde Fairtrade Zone Status - Moving Forward 51KB (PDF)
12 Results from Winter 2012 Citizens' Panel Survey 141KB (PDF)
13 Occupational Health Policy 546KB (PDF)
14 Request to Tender for the Occupational Health Contract 47KB (PDF)
15 Permission to Procure Microsoft Licences from the Relevant Government Procurement Service Framework 71KB (PDF)
Min 19 06 2012 61KB (PDF)

Private Papers

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