Conservation Areas

Greenock West End
Greenock West End

Conservation Area Appraisals (CAA)

A conservation area appraisal is a management tool which helps to identify the special interest and changing needs of a conservation area. One was completed for Greenock West End in 2016, and one for the Quarrier's Homes Conservation Area in 2020. These documents are both available to view or download from the links on this page.

How many Conservation Areas are in Inverclyde?

Inverclyde Council has eight Conservation Areas, three of which were designated in April 2015.

Maps of these Conservation Areas can be downloaded by clicking on the link on this page.

What are Conservation Areas?

Conservation Areas are 'areas of special or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance'.

How are Conservation Areas chosen?

Planning authorities have a duty to publish proposals for the preservation or enhancement of Conservation Areas. The principles of selection are as follows:

  • Areas of significant architectural or historic interest in terms of specific listed buildings and / or ancient monuments;
  • Areas of significant architectural or historic interest in terms of building groupings, which may or may not include listed buildings and / or ancient monuments, and open spaces which they abut;
  • Areas with features of architectural or historic interest such as street pattern, planned towns and villages and historic gardens and designed landscapes;
  • Other areas of distinctive architectural or historic character.

Reasons for designating Conservation Areas include their:

  • special architectural or historic importance;
  • distinct character;
  • uniqueness or value as a good example of an unusual local or regional type;
  • value within the wider context of the village or town;
  • present condition and the scope for significant improvement and enhancement.