Proposals for Change of Use of or Disposal of Common Good Property

Where the Council is considering a proposal to either:

  • change the use of; or
  • dispose of (for example gift, lease or sell),

common good property, the details of the proposal will be shown in a notice in the downloads section of this page.

In some cases, additional detail will be provided on the Council website for a proposal, and if that is the case links will be included in the links section.

The notices provide information on any such proposals, including:

  • details of the proposal;
  • the property involved;
  • if it proceeds, when it is likley to happen; and
  • how representations should be made, who they should be made to and when they should be made by.

The Council is keen to hear the views of the community on any proposals relating to common good property so that these can be considered when a decision is reached on whether or not to proceed. If you or any group you are invovled with wish to comment on any proposals, then you are encouraged to do so as indicated in the notice in question.

If no notices or links are shown, then there are at present no consultations open in relation to such proposals.

In some, but not all, cases common good property is classed as inalienable common good. This can be because of the terms of the title deeds or because of the use to which the property has in the past been put. In these cases, the Council will additionally require to obtain the consent of the Court to any change of use or disposal under Secion 75 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973. The Council will make the court aware of the consultation it has carried out, and the responses to such consultations, in any action seeking consent.

You can find out more about the common good, including details of the properties on the common good register, on the common good page shown in the links section of this page.
If you want any more information about any particular proposals or common good properties, pease contact the Council’s Property Assets Team on on the contact details shown on this page.