Gourock Town Centre Regeneration Forum


The Gourock Town Centre Regeneration Forum (TCRF) will highlight key areas within Gourock Town Centre that are appropriate for regeneration.  A main focus of the Forum’s activity is to identify and suggest future investments for Gourock Town Centre. 

The Gourock TCRF will focus attention on supporting Inverclyde Council (IC) Officers; with sourcing external funding to enable priority projects to be implemented.

The Gourock TCRF will not be a decision-making body but will provide recommendations to the Environment and Regeneration Committee of Inverclyde Council for its consideration.


Gourock Town Centre is one of the main areas of retail activity in Inverclyde and the plans and policies of Inverclyde Council, strive to safeguard, enhance and develop it as a major shopping, leisure, and cultural centre of the area.  In the current difficult retail trading conditions, the TCRF will work with IC officers; concentrating on major Regeneration projects were possible, as well as additional projects from external funders.

The primary objectives of the Gourock TCRF should be to:-

  • Develop additional regeneration proposals to complement and support the regeneration investment in Gourock Town Centre;
  • Involve and engage local community groups, businesses and people;
  • Source external funding to enable priority projects to be implemented.

The Gourock TCRF should seek to promote, support and advocate for:-

  • Ongoing Regeneration;
  • Ongoing Investment;
  • Improving the Town Centre Offer – Boosting Enterprise and New Business and;
  • To work collaboratively for the improvement and enhancement of Gourock.


Members will include representatives from Inverclyde Council, Business Community, Community Council(s) and local Elected Members and will consist of the following members:-

  • Elected Members (one Member will take on the role of Chair);
  • Community Council Reps from the local Community Councils;
  • Members from Local Churches;
  • Tourist Group;
  • Sports Council;
  • Federation of Small Businesses;
  • Chamber of Commerce;
  • Local Business Reps (CalMac, ScotRail)
  • Traders Reps from the areas of focus and;
  • Relevant Project Specific Inverclyde Council Officers and IC Regeneration Manager and/or Head of Service, Regeneration, Planning & Public Protection.