Equality Impact Assessments - Inverclyde Council Budget 2023/24

You can find details of the Equality Impact Assessments relating to Inverclyde Council's Budget 2023/24 on this page.  

Environment, Regeneration and Resources Directorate 

  • Reduce Community Warden Service
  • Reduction in Registrars Service
  • Reduction in 10 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees, Grounds, Street Scene and Burial Grounds


Education, Communities and Organisational Development Directorate 

  • Reduction in Community Learning and Development
  • Review of Blairmore Nursery School leadership model
  • Reduction of Cleaning Hours in Educational Establishments
  • Removal of Crawl Space Support
  • Reduction in Early Years Provision
  • Stop Delivering the Annual Fireworks Event
  • Home Link Workers – Re-design of Home Link Service in Schools
  • Inverclyde Leisure: Town Halls Opening for Bookings Only
  • Inverclyde Leisure: Reductions and Restructure following Voluntary Early Retirement Trawl
  • Libraries Service Review (Delivering Differently)
  • Reduction of Road Safety HQ Support by One FTE Post
  • Introduce Charges for Uniformed Organisations for School and Town Hall Lets
  • School Meals – Increase Charges
  • Removal of The Recruit Programme


The Equality Impact Assessments are available to view by clicking on the links in the Documents section of this page.

The Inverclyde Council 2023/24 Revenue Budget - Fairer Scotland Duty Statement, the Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment, and the Equalities Statement are also available to view by clicking in the Documents section of this page. 

Inverclyde Council Revenue Budget 2023/24


The Council's Revenue Budget 2023/24 was discussed at a meeting of Inverclyde Council on 2 March 2023.  You can find the papers for this meeting by clicking in the Related Links section of this page.