Welcome to the Performance section of the website. On these pages you can find a wealth of information on how Inverclyde Council is performing.

On these pages you can find a range of information on how Inverclyde Council is performing, including:

Inverclyde Council Best Value Assurance Report 

In early 2017, Inverclyde Council was audited by Audit Scotland and a Best Value Assurance Report on the Council was published on 1 June 2017.  The report was very positive, noting the Inverclyde Council has made significant improvements since 2005.  In particular, the Council was praised for developing a positive improvement culture that encourages innovation and new ideas; having a clear vision and stable, effective leadership.

You can view the Best Value Assurance Report in the documents section.          

Performance Reports

  • Corporate Performance Reports
  • Corporate Directorate Improvement Plan Performance Reports

You can view our Performance Reports by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  

Statutory Performance Indicators

  • Key Performance Indicators

You can view our Statutory Performance Indicators by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  

  • Local Government Benchmarking Framework

You can compare our perfromance with other Scottish Councils by clicking on the 'Local Government Benchmarking Tool' in the external links section.    

How we use our Resources

  • Annual Accounts

You can view our Annual Accounts by clicking on 'Financial Statements' in the related links section.    

Inverclyde Alliance Community Planning Partnership 

The Inverclyde Alliance Community Planning Partnership holds Board meetings four times a year, to review performance on the delivery of agreed outcomes for Inverclyde, to develop further partnership activity and to respond to any issues which arise. In 2017 the Alliance also carried out an area-wide conversation, generated by the 'Our Place,  Our Future' survey.  1,310 people completed the main survey and an additional 83 young people responded to an adapted survey featuring some of the same questions. This represents 1.75% of the total population of Inverclyde and is the highest number of respondents Inverclyde Alliance has ever had to an engagement process. 

You can view more information on the Inverclyde Alliance, including all the papers for the Inverclyde Alliance Board and the 'Our Place Our Future' survey results by clicking on 'Community Planning Partnership' in the related links section. 

You can also compare data for Community Planning Partnerships across Scotland by clicking on the 'Community Planning Outcomes Profile' in the external links section.    

Inverclyde Citizens' Panel 

Inverclyde Citizens' Panel is made up of 1,000 residents from across Inverclyde and is used to find out the views of Inverclyde residents on a wide range of issues.  We use the feedback that we obtain from members of the Panel to improve and develop services to ensure that they are meeting the needs of Inverclyde residents.  We also produce a newsletter which provides a summary of the results from the questionnaires and gives information on what we are doing to tackle the issues that Panel members have expressed concern with.    

You can view more information on the Inverclyde Citizens' Panel and the newsletters by clicking on 'Inverclyde Citizens' Panel' in the related links section.    

You can find more information on the Local Government Benchmarking Framework under external links on this page.

You will also find under Documents a link to a diagram of the Strategic Planning & Performance Management Framework for Inverclyde Council

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