Kerbside food waste recycling

The majority of residents who recycle from the kerbside, using their blue bins, have a kitchen caddy, a green outdoor storage container and a supply of sacks.

The weekly food waste collection service allows you to recycle all types of leftover or unwanted food including:

  • all dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt
  • eggs, raw and cooked, including shells
  • fish, raw and cooked, including bones
  • fruit and vegetables, including peelings
  • meat, raw and cooked, including bones
  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • tea bags and coffee grounds.

Out of date food still in packaging can also be deposited in your outdoor container.

Please do not put glass, cans or plastic bottles in your food waste container.

Please place your outdoor container on the kerbside by 7am every week on your regular collection day.

Click on the link to view/download a food waste information leaflet.