Metal Dealer

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Legislation changes to  Metal Dealer's and Itinerant Metal Dealer's Licences.
For details of these changes click on the link of the document section.


A Metal Dealer’s Licence is required by a person who carries on the activities of a Metal Dealer.

If you act as an itinerant - or travelling metal dealer - you must be licensed by your Local Authority.  Such a licence will allow you to sell scrap metal anywhere in Scotland.

A Metal Dealer’s Licence is not required if an Exemption Warrant is issued.  An Exemption Warrant is applied for to the Local Authority.  A Metal Dealer must provide the Licensing Section with certified proof that the business annual turnover for a financial year within a period of 18 months exceeded £100,000 in order for an Exemption Warrant to be issued for a period of 3 years.

The application form is available to download from the Documents Section of this page.  The completed application from must be lodged with the appropriate fee.  The fee list is available on the Civic Licensing Main Page.